Top 5 Benefits of Smart Home Technology

Top 5 Benefits of Smart Home Technology

January 20th, 2020

Smart home technology is quickly making people's lives easier. Smart home tech is easy to implement, and its costs are dropping rapidly. Whether you're interested in smart home technology to provide an added layer of safety for your family, or you just want to take advantage of its many conveniences, a smart home makeover can make a big difference in your day-to-day life. AAA Smart Home is ready to help you put home automation technology to work for you and your family. Take a look at the top smart home technology benefits.

1. Manage All Your Devices From One Hub

A truly connected home is one in which you can control all your devices through a single interface. Imagine turning on your home's heat just as a storm hits, telling your TV to record the game when you can't get home in time or speaking to a delivery person at your front door when you're actually in another state. When you connect all your smart home tech through one interface, all these become a normal part of your life.

The use of one hub for all your smart home tech puts convenience at your fingertips. And because you're working with one app on your smartphone, all that control is ultra-easy as well, so you can go from zero to functionality in nothing flat.

2. Increase Your Home Security

The increased home security that comes with home automation technology is a huge attraction for many people. Motion detectors can let you know when someone is approaching your home, while cameras show you exactly what's going on, even if you're miles away.

Remote control of your home tech adds to your security. A few taps on your phone let you control automated door locks, so you can grant maintenance personnel access without compromising security or spending time on travel or waiting at home. You can also use smart home technology to monitor the safety of children or elderly parents for your own peace of mind.

3. Control Your Home While Away

Think about all the arrangements you have to make when you're away from home — and about that nervous feeling you can get wondering if everything's okay. Does your home become a target for burglars when you're not there for an extended period?

All those concerns go away when you adopt smart home technology. With smart dimmers and outlets, you can program lights and TVs to make your home look lived in. You can use your indoor and outdoor cameras to see what's happening in and around your home, and you can even lock or unlock the door in the event of an emergency. AAA Smart Home can help make sure you put your ability to control your home remotely to the best possible use.

4. Cut Costs

You might start reaping cost benefits immediately when you adapt home automation technology. No longer do you have to burn a porch light all day so that it's on when you get home. You can program smart lighting to follow a schedule or respond to a motion sensor, and reduce heating and cooling energy consumption by up to 23%. In fact, smart home automation tech can monitor your utilities to help you achieve the greatest energy efficiency. (And you'll never have to worry about whether you left the coffee maker on again.)

5. Enjoy the Added Convenience of Your Smart Home Technology Benefits

The sheer convenience that smart home technologies offer is one of the major reasons homeowners fall in love with them. You'll never have to ask a neighbor to keep an eye on your home again. And when you can start the dishwasher from your smartphone or have the air conditioning click on to cool down the house before you arrive, your life becomes infinitely easier.

Enjoy the extra free time and decreased stress that smart home technology benefits can bring. Talk to us at AAA Smart Home today to see how home automation technology can make your life easier.