Installing Your Smoke and Heat Detector

Smoke and Heat Detector Owners Manual PDF

Installation Parts

  • Round faceplate, which holds your detector

  • Flat backplate, which will be mounted to a surface

  • 2 screws to secure the backplate

  • 3 AAA batteries

Insert batteries

Open the back of your smoke and heat detector, and insert all the provided batteries. Insert the "-" end first, then push the "+" end down.

The detector should chirp once after all batteries are properly inserted.

Test your smoke detector 

  1. Press and hold the button on your smoke and heat detector for 3 seconds.

  2. When you hear the smoke detector beep 2 times, hold for 3 seconds more, then release the button.

  3. Watch the light flash red at first and then go to green.

  4. Once the test is done, hold the test button down again until you hear 2 beeps and let go.

Choose your location 

Your smoke and heat detector should be mounted high on a wall or ceiling. The most common areas are in hallways near bedroom doors. If mounting on a wall, the detector should be about 6 inches from the ceiling.

Avoid placing your detector in:

  • Ceilings that are peaked or gabled, as they may prevent the detection of smoke

  • Hot or humid areas, like the kitchen or near a fireplace, as they may send false alarms

  • Areas with strong air flow, such as near outer doors, windows or fans, which may prevent smoke from being detected

Mounting Instructions

1. Place your backplate against your chosen surface.


2. Secure the backplate against your surface, by placing the provided screws in the two screw holes.


3. Take the faceplate and slowly twist it clockwise onto the backplate, until it clicks into place.


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