Installing Your Motion Detector

Indoor Motion Detector Owners Manual PDF

Installation Parts

  • Your motion detector sensor

  • 2 different backplates, one for a flat surface install and one for a corner install

  • Screws to secure your backplate


Choose your location

Your motion detector should overlook a high-traffic indoor area, such as a living room. It has a detection range of 39 feet and is pet-immune, distinguishing between humans and pets weighing up to 85 pounds.

Follow these tips when picking a location:

  • Place your detector 7-8 feet high, in order to keep its full monitoring range.

  • Make sure the surface is stable and solid

  • Avoid placing¬† near ceiling fans, heating ducts, or any high-voltage electrical lines.

  • Avoid partitions, curtains, or anything that can block the motion detector's view.

  • Avoid windows, or any sources¬† of direct sunlight or air drafts.

  • Do not install outdoors.

  • If you have a cat at home, avoid places where it can climb near the detector, in order to minimize false alarms.

choose location

Mount your backplate

Place your chosen backplate (flat or corner), against your chosen surface, following the positions in the example photos below.

Make sure that the mounting hook is facing the right-hand side, like in the photos, otherwise your motion detector will be upside down.

For corner installs, to prevent a gap on one side from the wall, first check that the wall angle is 90 degrees.

Once placed, secure your backplate with the screws provided.

Flat Mount image3

Corner Mount image5

Mount your sensor on the backplate

After you've screwed in your chosen backplate, take your motion detector and align it with the backplate.

Then, slide the detector upward until you hear a click.


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