Installing Your Glass Break Sensor

Glass Break Sensor Owners Manual PDF

Installation Parts

  • The faceplate, which includes the sensor
  • A backplate, which will be mounted on a surface
  • Screws to secure the backplate
  • 2 batteries, already inside

Choose your location

Your glass break sensor can be mounted on a ceiling or a wall that face the protected window(s) of your choice.

The sensor should be mounted between 6.5 feet and 8.5 feet above the floor.

Make sure your window is within the sensor’s 25-foot monitoring range, and is within a clear, unobstructed line of sight. (See the diagrams below for placement examples.)

wall mount

ceiling mount

Mounting Instructions

1. Once you’ve chosen a location, detach your sensor’s faceplate and place it onto your chosen surface with the ‘up arrow’ facing up.

up arrow

2. Secure the backplate against the surface, carefully filling in the two screw holes with the provided screws.


3. Then, take the faceplate and reattach it to the backplate.


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