Installation Instructions for Smart Door Locks

Before setting up your smart device, make sure your control panel is installed and powered up.

Smart door locks provide the ability to remotely control your door with or without keyless entry. Ours can be either keyless (left) or have a lever (right). Either smart door lock can be automated with schedules and rules you customize based on your home, life, and security system.

Door Lock

Door Lock Without Lever Owners Manual PDF

Door Lock With Lever Owners Manual PDF

Installation Parts

  • Screwdriver
  • Door lock cut sheet provided in package
  • 3 small screws (included)
  • 4 AA batteries (included)

Choosing a location

The Yale door lock can go on any standard exterior or interior door that you wish to control as long as the frame can support the lock. *Custom made doors may not be recommended depending on the width and handle/lock location and holes.=

Note: Custom-made doors may make for difficult installations, depending on its width, handle, lock location, and lock holes. Contact a virtual Smart Home Pro for assistance if you have a custom-made door.

Installation instructions

  1. Remove the old door lock from the door.
  2. Remove the pre-programmed lock from the box.
  3. Install the lock shaft into the door securing it with 2 screws.
  4. Place the lock keypad on the outside of the door sending the cable through the frame of the indoor frame. (Refer to installation cut sheet provided)
  5. Secure the metal portion of the door lock on the inside of the frame with the 2 long bolts provided. (Refer to installation cut sheet provided)
  6. Attach the cable to the manual locking portion of the door lock and secure it to the interior metal frame with the 3 small screws provided. (Refer to installation cut sheet provided)
  7. Insert the 4 AA batteries into the lock and power up.
  8. Set up the master code (Refer to installation cut sheet provided). Keep in mind, this portion can also be done under the “user codes” in A Smart Home Pro can walk you through this step during your installation call if you prefer.

Testing your device

  • Manually lock and unlock your door.
  • From your security panel, slide to over to the door lock window and lock/unlock remotely.
  • Lock/Unlock from your A3 Smarthome App.

Controlling your device

After your panel recognizes your door lock, you can customize any of the fields you’d like in the default device information.

You’ll be able to turn your door lock using your panel and mobile app.

You can also create rules based on events (e.g. lock or unlock your door when you arm/disarm your system) or a schedule in your web account or mobile app.

  • To create an event-based rule:

    1. Log into your online account with your credentials.
    2. Go to Automation
    3. Select Add New Rule
    4. Select Event-triggered Rule
  • To create a schedule:

    1. Log into your online account with your credentials.
    2. Go to Automation
    3. Select Schedules
    4. Select Add New Schedule
    5. Select Lock Schedule
  • Scenes can also be created from the Scenes tab under Automation

For full capability of your smart door lock, refer to the help guide, found under the “?” Symbol in the upper right hand corner of the website, or under Support/Help documentation found in your app menu.

If there are any troubles with your installation, please contact your virtual Smart Home Pro with any concerns or questions at (877) 998-1457. We're available 7 days a week, 8 am - 8 pm PST.

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