Setting Up Your Control Panel

Before setting up your AAA Smart Control Panel, make sure you have all components needed and you have read over documentation.

Control Panel Owners Manual PDF.

Installation Parts

  • Your touch-screen panel

  • A power supply plug, already wired into the back of the panel

  • Long outlet screw to help secure your power outlet plug

  • Detachable table stand for placing your panel

Choose your location 

The easiest way to mount your panel is using the table stand to rest it on a table, counter-top, or shelf.

Choose a location that’s close to an outlet and easily accessible for controlling or disarming.

However, avoid putting your panel in high-traffic areas of the home, near a sink or electric appliances, or any place where it can be knocked over or damaged.


Note: The panel can also be installed by mounting to a wall.

However, we highly recommend using the table stand, since a wall install requires additional work, including drilling and running wiring, that is best done by a technician.

If you prefer a wall mount for your panel, please call our Smart Home Pros for support before attempting this install.

Plug-in and power up the Control Panel

1. Using a screwdriver, carefully remove the existing screw from your chosen outlet.


2. Take your power supply plug and remove the green adhesive cover on the back.


3. Plug your power supply into your chosen outlet.


4. Secure your power plug by taking the longer screw from your package, and twisting it through the hole in the power clip.


5. Take your panel, and push and hold the standby button on the side for 3 seconds to power it up.


6. Attach your table stand into the back when you're ready to place your panel.


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