Top 3 Home Safety & Security Tips

Top 3 Home Safety & Security Tips

February 18th, 2020

Your smart home can do far more than turn on your thermostat and keep your floors vacuumed. It's actually a key component in your home's security. If potential intruders are checking out the homes in your neighborhood, they're likely to stay away from your home if you've programmed your smart home devices to make it look like you're home. AAA Smart Home is ready to help, starting with these top home security tips.

Video Monitoring

Deter break-ins with 24/7 video monitoring. Indoor and outdoor cameras are one of the key ways to prevent break-ins. Even spotting a camera sitting on your property can be enough to deter even the most hardened of burglars. Video monitoring provides protection 24/7, and if it's connected to a dedicated alarm system, your home has someone looking out for it around the clock.

Include audio with your video system. When your video monitoring system also includes audio, with microphones and speakers integrated into the system, you can warn away anyone who shouldn't be at your home. Imagine getting a notification that someone is prowling around your home and using your smartphone to see what's going on in real-time. You can then talk to the intruder, scaring them away — even though you might be halfway around the world.

Make sure your video system keeps recordings. Most video monitoring systems also record any intrusions, providing you with evidence to show your local police so your entire neighborhood can be safer. Ask AAA Smart Home how to choose the right indoor and outdoor video system for your home.

Automated Locks

Have you ever left your home and then wondered if you locked the front door? If you're on your way to work, you might even have turned around to check (and then been late to work). But what if you're on vacation when you have that unsettling thought?

Control access to your home with automated locks. Automated smart locks are the answer to that dilemma. You set them (or confirm that the door's locked) when you're far from home. Even better, you can also allow people — a house guest, say, or a handyman — to enter your home when you're not there.

Choose a smart lock that provides the features you want. You have many choices of smart locks, all of which provide you with far more security than your old-fashioned deadbolt. Locks that use keypads replace traditional keys with codes that you can change whenever you want for added security. If you love the feeling of opening a door with a key, opt for smart locks that mold themselves over your existing deadbolt. You can even choose smart locks that unlock automatically as you approach, responding to the presence of your phone. You'll never end up leaving your home unlocked again.

When you work with AAA Smart Home, you can integrate all your smart home devices together into one network. Implement these top home security tips today to enjoy peace of mind when you're away from home.

Smart Thermostat

If you enjoy reducing your energy consumption year round, consider installing a smart thermostat. This device alone can save homeowners 9-16% on heating in winter and 15-23% on cooling in summer. The one AAA Smart Home offers earned an ENERGY STAR® certification from the Environmental Protection Agency in 2018. With data from thermostat sensors you can place anywhere in your home, our thermostat anticipates your needs to keep your home comfortable. When your system's set to "Armed Away" the thermostat dials back to save energy. It can use your smartphone location to determine whether you’re home or away and turn your heating to either “comfort” or “savings” mode, respectively. Geo-fencing cranks up the heat or AC when you are within a certain distance. If you opt for its auto-setback feature, the thermostat will scale back heating or cooling when a door is open for too long (using data from door and window sensors). Lastly, on the harshest days, you can automatically adjust your target temperature when the weather drops below a certain temperature. For example, it will drop from 72° to 68° when it’s cold or vice versa when it’s hot. This helps you reduce your home's heating or cooling load on the days that would be most expensive.

Perhaps the most impressive feature of our Smart Thermostat is that it keeps you and your home safe. Whenever a smart carbon monoxide or smoke detector senses an alert, the thermostat shuts down your HVAC system to prevent circulation.

There are many ways you can save time and energy with home automation, and they might be more interesting than you may expect. Don't be afraid to "think outside the box" when it comes to home security.