How to Automate Your Home

How to Automate Your Home

February 4th, 2020

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering how you can make your life more convenient and your home more secure, this smart home guide is for you. Make use of these tips on how to automate your home and talk to AAA Smart Home today if you need a comprehensive smart system setup in your home.

Whether you run your smart home through a digital assistant or your smartphone, the benefits of smart home automation will win you over. The best part? You can match your home automation design with your own unique needs. It's a matter of choosing devices and systems that lower your energy bills and make life run more smoothly. Take a look through our smart home guide below to get started.

Automated Alarm Systems

With modern smart home alarm systems, you can start small and add new layers of security as you choose. Minimal systems include some sensors, a siren and a controller, usually hooked into a monitoring service that can notify you of any disturbances. From this starting point, you can add everything from window sensors and infrared detectors to surveillance cameras with cloud video storage.

Smart Thermostats

Imagine coming home on a winter day to find your home cozy and warm, thanks to your smart thermostat. (Or flip the scenario, and think how nice it would be to turn on the AC remotely during a heatwave.) Smart thermostats do that and more. You can control them from your smartphone, computer or digital assistant to keep your indoor environment pleasant and save on your energy bills. In fact, some smart thermostats even turn themselves down when no one's home to lend a hand.

Smart Lights

Smart lighting is at the heart of most smart home systems. Smart light bulbs and switches pair together to let you be in control of light levels. When you connect your smart lighting to your smart home network, you can control when your lights go on and off. This lets you make your home look lived-in even when you're on vacation.

Automated Garage Doors

You've probably been opening and closing your garage door with a remote control since you started to drive. Smart garage door controls take this to a whole new level. Now you don't have to worry about whether you left your garage door open. Sensors and controllers will connect to your WiFi to let you know the status of the door. (This is especially important since it's the one door in your house that doesn't have a lock.)

Let us help you find the right smart home solution for your needs, so give us a call today.

Smart Speakers

Smart speakers can turn your whole home into a concert hall, so you can stream your favorite music anywhere you want it. Connect your own collection, or use streaming services like Spotify. You can deliver tunes to the whole house, or send different streams of music to different rooms. Control smart speakers from your phone or your digital assistant, and add a sound bar to loop in great sound while you're watching TV.

Automated Blinds

Smart blinds mean far more than being able to keep the sun out of your eyes on a bright day. You can also program smart blinds to open and close automatically when you're not at home. That means potential burglars checking out your house will be confused about whether you're home or not. You can program smart blinds from your phone, computer, or digital assistant. When you decide to go out to dinner after work, you can still shut everything down so people passing by don't stare in your windows.

Connected Appliances

Smart appliances come in all forms — refrigerators, ovens, washing machines, and more. You can typically operate your smart appliances remotely, and they diagnose themselves if something goes wrong. Energy efficiency is another terrific benefit of smart appliances, which save electricity and water by assessing the tasks they're handling. Smart cooking appliances, such as ovens and pressure cookers, come pre-programmed with many recipes, so you can get dinner on the table much faster.

With AAA Smart Home, you can blend together all the various elements of smart home automation to provide the kind of security and convenience you're looking for. Call us today to make your life simply smarter.